Sunday, July 23, 2017

I don’t have a good excuse for being speechless. I was not voiceless. I sure had a lot to say right after Scot died. It was as though words could fill up the space left by his absence. I had many words. All good and true words. Entertaining. Now, for a while, I have been dark. This is not because of a fading of my devotion. No. Please. I can’t help it. Couldn’t then. Can’t now. Love the man. Talking about him is my biggest subject. I thank the Universe that our pathes* crossed. *More on that later. *Miles well tell it now. My wedding ring is engraved, “Wedded Pathes.” Scot and I always got a laugh out of this, once we realized. We’d congratulate ourselves on our “Wedded Pathes.” You’d think the engraver might have alerted us. Anyway, I still have lots to say. Memory Blog 2.1 needs to happen. I need to transfer the blogspot blog to a more lasting document. For now, it exists without the music only on blogspot. It is my hope to fire up and capture the document and put back the amazing music files. Stay tuned. Right here, right now, I want to invite anyone who cares to the official opening of the T. Scot Halpin Archive. This is going to be a big party to celebrate the protection, conservation, cataloging and use of Scot’s 10,000 plus original works of art and his 10,000 plus hours of recorded original music and band recordings including original music and classic covers. This is serious folks. September 9, 2017 9am to 9pm Come at some point.